Helping Investors Who Need the Most Help!

There is a tremendous opportunity for financial advisors to help an underserved community and also raise new assets.

Potomac manages 403(b) participant accounts for financial advisors across the country, and the most common question we get is about how to get in front of participants to prove your value.


Professors, teachers, administrators, and support staff.

Health Care

Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals.


Government employees, ministers, administrators, other non-profit staff.

Is it possible to help the underserved and grow your business?

The current 403(b) market is dominated by insurance providers who offer expensive and restrictive products. With Potomac you can offer a professional risk-managed option that allows for the flexibility and freedom of a Brokerage window.

Common Misconceptions of the 403(b) Market:

I cannot get paid on 403(b) accounts.

FALSE: By working with Potomac not only are you paid for your efforts, but the management fee is deducted on a pre-tax basis directly from the client account. This allows you to offer the same great service to a new breed of clientele who are yearning for financial advice.

The market is too hard for me to break into.

FALSE: By working with Potomac, we have the resources and tools to help you gain access to this market.

Why 403(b)s?

Immediately increase your AUM and secure future roll-overs.

With Potomac you can help clients avoid expensive and restrictive annuity insurance products that currently dominate the 403(b) market.

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