Kaitlyn Humphries  | Operations Associate

Kaitlyn Humphries


I was born and raised in Maryland and currently reside on Kent Island. I love being surrounded by the water, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My son, Sam, and my hubby, Luke, are my life. My evenings and weekends belong to them.


Our favorite activities are going out on the boat, going to the beach, laying out by the pool, and movie nights—so obviously summertime is our season of choice! We have also been spending a lot of time transforming our house into a home. I have always loved interior design and have really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and putting my artistic side to use. Health and fitness have also become a big part of my life: I enjoy going to the gym, taking my son for walks, and prepping meals to assist with my mom-on-the-go lifestyle.


In 2010 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in accounting. Throughout high school and college, I always kept a job and prided myself on working hard without expecting anything to be handed to me. I’ve always enjoyed working for a small office because of the intimate interactions with co-workers and clients. Even before I joined Potomac, I worked for a local law firm for ten years. I’ve never wanted to be just one number amongst many.


What initially drew me to Potomac were the people and their passion for what they do. To me, family is #1, and Potomac exhibits that same value. We are a support system for each other and our clients to achieve a shared goal: Success. As Operations Associate, I am a key service contact for our clients. I also assist in managing Potomac’s back-office operations, including trade support, account processing, and

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration,
Minor in Accounting
FINRA Series 65 license