Not too many years ago, a financial advisors’ office would have to calculate client bills on an Excel spreadsheet, mail out invoices, and then collect payments (or track down those late payers!) Just the time spent preparing the mail alone could eat away at your quarter-end processing time. Such a cumbersome process would detract from your time, which should be spent meeting with clients and growing your business.

Billing is complicated, but at Potomac we handle these steps for you. There are many factors that make this a complex process such as distributions, terminations and tiered fee schedules. We have established an extensive process that ensures accurate and prompt client billing and advisor payouts. Our process includes thorough pre-billing audits and reconciliation, calculation of fees, verification of calculations, generation of bills, collection of fees, production of advisory fee reports, and payment to your RIA or broker/dealer.


How Does it Work?

  • Annual Management fees and solicitor payouts are calculated on a quarterly basis, in advance and based on a tiered schedule
  • Fees are typically taken from clients’ accounts within the first 15 days of the quarter
  • Within the next 15 days, payments are submitted to the solicitor firm of record

These policies and procedures have been developed to assure client fees and your payments are calculated correctly each quarter. In this partnership, we want to help you grow your business. Let us handle the billing process.