There are literally thousands of investment choices in the marketplace. From mutual funds to ETFs, from passive strategies to active, the choices are plentiful. However, your time is not.


  • How do you decide which investment vehicles to use?
  • How do you develop models that serve the various needs of your clients?
  • How do manage your clients’ investments while also growing the relationship, running your business and supervising your employees?


Potomac has developed a consistent and repeatable process that will provide you more time to spend planning, supporting and directing your clients’ financial goals.


Rebalancing and executing buy or sell orders take precious time away from interacting with your clients. Potomac takes over the trading process for you and your clients. We monitor each account daily to ensure your clients’ accounts are always properly allocated within our strategies. When it comes to contributions and distributions, we make sure they are executed correctly and the account is realigned to its model.

Sleeve Trading

We have invested heavily in the best technology to support our financial advisors. One of those initiatives is sleeve trading. Sleeve trading allows our advisors to combine multiple investment strategies in one account. Previously, your clients would have to open separate accounts, wasting both time and paper, to reap the benefits of multiple strategies. Not anymore!
One account can now give you access to several of our strategies. This gives you the ability to diversify your clients’ accounts without having to track several different accounts.


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