Your Business Matters (S3 E1)

Your Business Matters
(S3 E1)

In speaking with advisors, the biggest frustration we found with UMA/Multi-Strategist solutions was poor service. Across the board. For the season three premier of the Conquer Risk podcast, we discuss how we built Union to create a better experience point-by-point:...
The Making of Union UMA  (S2 E25)

The Making of Union UMA
(S2 E25)

The final entry in our “making of a platform” is here and it’s a BIG one, as we share our vision behind the Union UMA. We’ve been listening to advisor’s frustrations for years, and we’ve built this solution with one principle in mind – your business matters:...
Why Advisors Need an OCIO

Why Advisors Need

5 Questions Advisors should know about OCIO services If you flashback thirty years ago there were very few institutional investment strategists available for financial advisors. Typically, these advisors would create their own asset allocation from a group of mutual...
The Benefits of a TAMP (S2 E24)

The Benefits of a TAMP
(S2 E24)

Times change. Tech changes. Therefore, end-client expectations change. On this episode of the Conquer Risk podcast we discuss how that’s the basis for why TAMPs are changing the advisory world:  Prospecting becomes easier when you know your options Creating a great...
Random Pod Volume 02 (S2 E22)

Random Pod Volume 02
(S2 E22)

In the second volume of our quick hitters’ format, the Conquer Risk podcast tackles numerous headlines that could impact advisors including:   The S&P 500 crossing it’s 200 day moving average, does it matter? Tech companies are embracing WFH, who’s...