After the hilarity of our April Fool’s “NFT Launch,” and our episode about the campaign on Build In Public, one question has remained for many advisors: WTF is an NFT anyway?

Marketing Associate, Martina Beda, joins Jeff Goodnow to solve this riddle in 10 questions:

  1. WTF is an NFT by definition?
  2. WTF does “fungible” mean?
  3. Are NFTs the same as cryptocurrency?
  4. How are these used AND WHY?
  5. Who is the primary audience?
  6. How do you buy or sell?
  7. What NFTs have Martina acquired?
  8. How are NFTs being used as a vehicle to drive the purchase of non-digital items?
  9. Why do creators love the concept?
  10. Why do collectors love the concept?
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