Helping is Our Business

Experience matters in every business; especially in a business helping people reach their financial goals. Potomac was founded in 1987 and since then we’ve seen a little of everything in both good and bad market cycles.

When we work with financial advisors, we provide straight-forward and risk-conscious advice. We act as a fiduciary, fee-only advisor and investment manager who invests in the same investment strategies that we recommend to clients.

Since 1987

That’s how long we’ve been managing money. Our history give us perspective, as we have supplied financial advisors with risk-managed strategies through many market cycles.


We want to help the financial advice industry embrace an approach that does what’s best for investors, and that means limiting risk instead of chasing flashy returns.


Providing high-end service and unique risk management advice has never wavered at Potomac, and it never will.


Being a fee-only fiduciary is the best way to limit conflicts of interest. We want our only interest to be our client’s best interest.

Are you ready to conquer your investment risk?

We’re ready to help.