Jeff Goodnow  | Director of Advisor Education

Jeff Goodnow


The thing I am most proud of is the relationship I have with my high school sweetheart! Our son is near completion of his Kinesiology degree at my arch nemesis, Kansas State University. That gives me plenty to rib him about, even if I am extremely proud of the man he has turned out to be. I guess this means the 3rd thing I am proud of is being a University of Kansas “Jayhawk”!


Even though I have a degree in Psychology, I've always been a numbers guy, working for banks and investment firms over the last 20+ years. My passion for helping people with their financial future fuels my other pastimes. My three favorites are world travel, driving race cars and golf. The human life is but a fleeting moment in history – find your passions and experience them!


I recently started a personal transformation of a healthier way of life and minimalism because, as I get older, it becomes more apparent how important risk management is on all facets of life. A healthier way of life includes a regimented workout program and eating veggies (seriously I never used to eat anything green). A French writer once said that “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." We recently sold most of our possessions of the traditional life including our beautiful house, Corvette, and almost all our furniture, so we could be more mobile with less liability. Faith, family and friends are our priorities, and that doesn’t include “stuff.”


As I progress through my career, I’m learning that “bigger is better” is a myth. Each company I've worked for is smaller than the previous. This allows the strength of my relationships to have a more positive impact on the lives of my co-workers and business partners who often simply become friends.

How do the owners of Potomac invest their money?


Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
FINRA 7, 63, 6 and SEC 66