Mark Palamaras  | Investment Committee Consultant

Mark Palamaras


I graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in Finance. In the early ’90s, finance majors were all shuttled toward a job at a bank or brokerage firm where you would call all your friends and family to sell them product. I was never interested in that.


I have the small business genes in my blood and come from a lineage of entrepreneurs. I made the decision to put my degree to work and become a financial planner. The concept of financial planning was laughed at by large brokerage firms at the time, because helping people was not their priority. After a long search, I found a small boutique investment firm – Potomac Fund Management – which allowed me to intern and learn the ropes.


By the time I graduated college in 1991, I had been working for Potomac for 18 months and subsequently landed my first (and funny enough ONLY) full-time job.  I have enjoyed being a part of a small business and collaborating with members of the Potomac team.


Even though I grew up in a very flat landscape hours away from the nearest mountain, there was something about the mountain lifestyle that attracted me. Starting in college I spent much of my leisure time pursuing outdoor activities in the mountains. This ultimately led to my interest in youth ski instruction and coaching which is currently a big part of my life.


Even though I was born and raised in Maryland, my love for the mountains has moved me out west.

Bachelor of Science degree in Finance
FINRA Series 65 license
Certified Financial Planner