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Advisor Express

This strategy is designed to provide moderate growth, using the Fidelity Funds universe, while participating in U.S. and international markets and to limit portfolio volatility and risk of extensive loss.

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This strategy is suitable for investors wanting exposure to equity markets with an emphasis on a combination of moderate growth and capital preservation. The typical Advisor Express/403(b) client is one enrolled in a program that restricts the investment selection to the Fidelity Funds universe.



The Advisor Express/403(b) strategy is actively allocated across many sectors and/or asset classes over weighting those exhibiting the best risk-to-reward ratio.


Investments are limited to mutual funds available in the large and broad based Fidelity Funds universe. Allocations can vary from highly diversified to highly concentrated in order to take advantage of the current and forecasted market environment.


Risk managed policies employ the use of cash or money market funds during adverse conditions; these positions could at times be 100%.

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