Bull Bear  | moderate to aggressive growth.

Bull Bear

This strategy is designed to provide moderate to aggressive growth while participating in U.S. markets both on the long (buy) side and short (inverse) side, and to limit portfolio volatility and risk of extensive loss.

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The typical Bull Bear investor has a long-term moderate to aggressive growth focus and invests only a portion of their portfolio in this strategy.


This strategy holds cash the majority of the time while waiting for the optimum opportunity to invest either on the long or short side.

When Bull Bear does invest on the long side, it will buy a 150% leveraged S&P 500 index fund. The decision to move into the S&P 500-index fund is made by Potomac’s Investment Committee upon review of various technical market indicators, and only when they are strongest.

If the market indicators used to make investment decisions turn strongly negative, Potomac’s Investment Committee may short the market through the use of an inverse fund.

Does long, short and leverage interest you?