Income Plus  | stable, long-term total return.

Income Plus

This strategy is designed to provide a stable, long-term total return from current income and consistent capital appreciation with a goal of achieving an absolute return under all market conditions.

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This strategy is suitable for investors wanting a steady source of income with the potential for growth sufficient to maintain stable asset levels after inflation. The typical Income Plus client is the most risk adverse and will have a shorter investment time horizon than investors in other Potomac strategies.



The Income Plus strategy is actively allocated across fixed income, market neutral and specialty mutual funds that demonstrate very low volatility and superior risk adjusted returns.

The core investments in the Income Plus strategy shall be comprised of investment grade corporate and government bond mutual funds. Depending on credit risk conditions or interest rate volatility, this strategy may shift a portion of the assets to bond mutual funds that hold bonds that are lower than investment grade such as high yield bonds or to inflation protected bonds. In addition, this strategy may also invest in mutual funds that use derivatives, credit default swaps, merger/arbitrage and emerging market income positions.

Specialty investments — with greater volatility — may be used from time to time to hedge risk and provide for smoother returns. Risk managed policies employ the use of cash or money market funds during adverse conditions; these positions could at times be 100%.

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