Muni Plus  | stable, long-term total return.

Muni Plus

This strategy is designed to provide stable long-term total returns from current tax-free income and consistent capital appreciation by participating primarily in municipal bond investments, with a goal of achieving an absolute return under all market conditions.

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This strategy is suitable for investors seeking conservative to moderate growth through investment in the tax-free bond market, with the potential for capital preservation.


Muni Plus is a highly concentrated strategy that invests in one or more municipal bond funds when opportunities for growth appear to be strong. The decision to invest in the market is made by Potomac’s Investment Committee, based on their evaluation of various technical market indicators. When their evaluation indicates strong potential for growth, the strategy will invest 100% of the portfolio in one or more municipal bond funds, although the managers have the flexibility to invest in smaller portions.


When the evaluation indicates a higher risk environment or the potential for a significant downturn, the strategy will move the portfolio to a money market or low volatility fund to minimize exposure to catastrophic losses and seek to preserve portfolio values.

Tactical and tax efficient!