the best return with the least amount of risk

This is what we seek to do every day. We are conservative investors by nature who truly believe that
by not taking too many risks, you can achieve better long term results and, more importantly, peace of mind.

Who We Serve

Risk Conscious Investors

Greed is the ultimate downfall of aggressive investors, and too much risk in a portfolio usually plays a supporting role.


The amount of risk you can handle in your investment portfolio is a personal decision and based on your life circumstances. But it’s important to remember that risk doesn’t discriminate among age and income. When your risk tolerance isn’t correct, you’re as likely to suffer unacceptable losses as a 65-year-old retiree as you are when you’re a 35-year-old fresh off a new promotion.


The passive, buy and hold philosophy popular with many financial advisors right now often comes accompanied by high levels of risk. If you’re concerned about the level of risk in your portfolio right now, we can review your investments to help you find peace of mind.


Our approach helps safeguard against extreme market loss and takes the emotion out of the investment process, so you can make objective, well-reasoned decisions.

403(b) Plan Participants

The current lineup of 403(b) investing options woefully underserves teachers, doctors and nurses—a few of our country’s most important professions.


Plans are filled with underperforming funds, a complex web of rules meant to confuse participants into inaction, and annuities not suitable for anyone’s long-term financial goals except for the product provider who issues them. We are here to change that!


We help you understand your 403(b) plan and navigate its plan options, so you can feel confident you’re making the right financial decisions for your situation.



Potomac Fund Management is an SEC registered fee-only investment advisor. Our team of professionals shares three core beliefs:

  • Small businesses form the strength of the economy.
  • Technology, when used correctly, should enhance our lives—not take it over.
  • Relationships and customer service still matter, and not everything has to be delivered with a ticket number.


As a fiduciary and fee-only advisor we sit on your side of the table to educate and deliver risk-managed investment strategies specific to your situation.  We don’t believe in or sell complicated commission-laden investment products.


We put our money where our mouth is and invest our own personal assets in the same strategies we recommend to you.  Does your advisor do the same?  We doubt it!

How do the owners of Potomac invest their money?


See the difference our rules-based approach can make in your portfolio. Contact us today for a free initial assessment.


First, we believe that most investors can’t handle excessive stock market risk and their current investments are likely not aligned with their risk tolerance. We help clients find their true appetite for risk and provide managed investment strategies designed to match their tolerance.


Second, we believe that clients are yearning for simple and straight-forward financial advice. Most advisors provide advice in a confusing or misleading fashion and we pride ourselves on simplifying the complex.

There is a better way to invest! Watch our video to find out how…


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