the best return with the least amount of risk

This is what we seek to do every day. We are conservative investors by nature who truly believe that
by not taking too many risks, you can achieve better long term results and, more importantly, peace of mind.


We are team of professionals who still believe in the importance of relationships. We are passionate about working with independent financial advisors and delivering top-notch customer service. We want to become your trusted business partner.


Potomac Fund Management delivers tactical investment strategies available exclusively through a select group of independent financial advisors. Our services are completely turnkey, which allows our advisors to outsource and add efficiencies to their back office.


First, we believe that most investors can’t handle excessive stock market risk and their current investments are likely not aligned with their risk tolerance. We help independent financial advisors work with clients to align portfolios with their risk tolerance and provide tactical investment strategies.


Second, we strongly believe that financial advisors should embrace outsourcing because time is a non-renewable resource. By outsourcing investment management and back office responsibilities to Potomac, our financial advisors have more time to spend on planning, supporting and directing their clients’ financial goals while growing their business.

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