Frustrated by the lack of customer service and modern technology from large investment platforms? The Union UMA provides the strengths your business needs to succeed, creates opportunities for your business to scale, while eliminating operational threats to your business’ efficiency.

Partnering with a platform like Union is all about something simple: Your Business Matters.

Your Business Matters.

Connect with us and learn more about how Union can support your business and transform your practice. 


Union starts with Investment Management. At the end of the day, all the technology in the world is meaningless if you aren’t meeting each of your clients’ individual objectives.

Selecting model portfolios can be overwhelming, which is why we work with your business to curate which combination of strategists will best serve your clients.

Union is built by Potomac Fund Management, an investment strategist founded in 1987. Our perspective and unique skill set enables us to dissect a track record, evade the hypotheticals and comb through disclosures to find the truth. This expertise gives us the ability to strike the proper balance of strategist combinations to meet your clients’ needs.

    • Portfolio Design and Construction
    • Multi-Custodian
    • Access to unique markets historically closed to most advisors like 403b, 401K, and HSA accounts.
    • A combination of institutional level investment strategists across the full range of styles:
    • Tactical
    • Strategic

    If you would like to partner with a team that looks and listens for input, and loves small business owners, we're for you.

    We utilize a single platform, enabling you to run your business from a single point of entry. No laundry list of integrations that don’t work. No separate apps for different processes. One single dashboard to create:


    Building a technology infrastructure is one thing, maintaining it is another. Many RIA aggregators promise the world and deliver a hodgepodge of solutions. With Union, we take care of everything – all in one place.


    Proposal Generation

    Build risk assessed portfolio proposals utilizing the strategists vetted by Potomac’s investment committee for your business.




    Digital Account Opening

    Create new accounts for your clients within the Union system with e-signature, ensuring a smooth, expedited process.




    Union provides sleeve rebalancing and maintenance while providing an efficient trading process through custodians Fidelity and TD Ameritrade.




    Union’s automated billing process will both improve cashflow and support your business’ growth, while eliminating operational threats.





    With a beautiful and intuitive design, Union’s reporting tool enables you to easily and clearly communicate with your clients.



    Financial Planning

    Build actionable plans that show your clients’ journey from here to the future, in an interactive digital environment. Aggregate external accounts right to your dashboard.


    Client Portal

    Customized financial plans and performance reports available at your client’s fingertips. With our robust account aggregation tool, you can deliver on the elusive dream of consolidated reporting.



    Business Intelligence

    Insight into your business’ health to ensure you maintain on target for each of your clients’ goals and objectives.




    There is nothing efficient about a business that is provided with lackluster support or is judged by the size of its AUM. With Union, we know your name. You’re not a number, you’re a partner. Your Business Matters.

    Partnership should be a mutually beneficial relationship and we want to talk to you.

    The best thing to do is to simply start the conversation.