Our Mission?

To protect you from devastating market losses.

We believe there’s no one right way to invest, so we combine the use of tactical and strategic investments to provide an effective and comprehensive approach to building and preserving wealth.

Our strategies are offered direct through our Union UMA platform and within your current TAMP.

Financial success is about more than hitting a number twenty years into the future; it’s about feeling confident as you get there. When you invest too aggressively, your client’s portfolio may never recover from potential losses.  We specialize in risk managed investment strategies to help more of your money stay with you, even when markets fall.

It often feels like there are an overwhelming number of investment options available. Potomac’s strategies cut through the noise, and provide an excellent tool to guard against market risk in your managed accounts. Most likely, they are already available within your current investment platform.

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If you would like to see our strategies added to your preferred platform, please let us know.

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