Win by Not Losing

Financial success is about more than hitting a number twenty years into the future; it’s about feeling confident as you get there. When you invest too aggressively, your client’s portfolio may never recover from potential losses.

We specialize in risk managed investment strategies to help more of your money stay with you, even when markets fall.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Investment returns for less risk. That’s the way we approach investing and that’s the strategy we bring to the portfolios you build for your clients.

How We Do It

Tactical asset allocations get built with four key concepts.

  1. We skillfully rotate among various mutual funds and ETFs.
  2. We utilize unconstrained asset class selection, both domestically and abroad.
  3. We use more volatile specialty investments at times to hedge risk.
  4. We employ cash during adverse conditions—sometimes up to 100 percent.

Income Plus

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Advisor Express

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Market Timing Strategies

Innovative Solutions for Everyone

Looking for something to complement diversified asset allocation strategies? We’ve created innovative and unique strategies to take advantage of market inefficiencies using highly focused trading strategies.

Luck is Not an Investment Strategy

No strategy can guarantee returns, but our Market Timing Strategies use systematic trading with technical analysis-based quant systems to inform our decisions. Think of it like a game of chess, diligently planning out a move before executing a move.

These strategies are highly concentrated in a single security, and like our Tactical Asset Allocations, we have no reservations about investing 100% in cash during adverse conditions.

Get the Facts

Bull Bear

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Focused Growth

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High Yield Plus

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We Lead From the Front

There’s tremendous value and trust created when an investment manager follows their own advice. We lead from the front and invest our own assets in the same strategies that we offer to advisors.

We’re confident in the work we do, and we believe we should live by the same decisions we make for you.


Get your client’s portfolio in line with your client’s risk.