Turnkey Investment Management Solutions for Independent Financial Advisors

We help independent financial advisors work with clients to align portfolios with their risk tolerance because most investors can’t handle excessive stock market risk.


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  • We are a team of professionals who still believe in the importance of relationships.
  • We are passionate about working with independent financial advisors and delivering top-notch customer service.
  • We want to become your trusted business partner.

Free Download: Learn the Hidden Risks of Passive Investing

The major fund families are pushing cheap, passive investments, but are ignoring the conversation about risk. Our study will be helpful for advisors who need to dig deeper into their clients' REAL risk tolerance.

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Here are many of the ways Potomac helps you with back-office support and lets you use your time to focus on growing your business.

Investment Strategies

Potomac offers multiple tactical investment strategies to match your clients risk tolerance while sharing a similar underlying goal of avoiding catastrophic losses.



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