Balancing investment returns against investment risk is the ultimate game of strategy. But when life’s goals are on the line, it’s no game. Potomac is an investment manager for advisors who want to avoid excessive stock market risk and stay true to their client's financial goals.

Solutions for Advisors

Align What You Do with What Clients Need

We support advisors with complete turnkey investment solutions, platform strategies, and more.

Time is your most precious asset. Take control of how you spend it with support from Potomac’s experts.

Risk-Managed Strategies

Designed to Get You Where You Want to Be

When you travel, you plan for the route that will get you to your destination quickly and safely, without added risk. The path to financial independence should be no different.

See why our risk-managed strategies avoid aggressive investing to get you and your clients where you want to be.

Our Mission?

To Protect You From Devastating Market Losses

We believe there’s no one right way to invest, so we combine the use of active and passive investments to provide an effective and comprehensive approach to building and preserving wealth.

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How We’re Built

We help advisors and their client’s conquer investment risk and create a plan to achieve their financial goals.

The Conquer Risk


Our weekly show exploring real growth opportunities for financial advisors – featuring special guests, industry perspective, best practices, and hands-on experience.

Manage Your Risk. Keep Your Money.