How To Use Us

how to use potomac

At the heart of what we do is investment management, but how we deliver these services can vary depending on how you choose to consume them. As an independent financial advisor, you are a business owner who must decide the best way to run your practice and allocate resources.
We take the stance of open integration and plug-and-play to allow advisors access to our strategies through various avenues.

Direct Business

This is the ultimate turnkey solution, where an advisor outsources the entire process to Potomac including investment management and back office support. We provide a tremendous amount of resources in this type of relationship. This is the path we recommend to most advisors, because we are big believers in outsourcing and understand that time is a precious commodity and a non-renewable resource. In addition, since customer service is a lost art, the direct business route allows us to provide the most “hands on” experience to our advisors.
Direct business is offered through our preferred custodians, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity Investments, in addition to various fee-based annuity platforms.

Here are many of the ways Potomac helps you with back-office support and lets you use your time to focus on growing your business.

Licensing: Trade Signals, Research and Allocations

Let's assume you already have a back-office process in place that takes care of all proposals, account opening, trading, billing and reporting. We applaud you because that takes a lot of time, money and effort to set-up!
You are still able to access our investment management services through a licensing agreement. With this agreement in place, Potomac will provide market research, trade signals and allocations that follow our process. You are then responsible to execute and process the trades as you see fit.
We currently offer licensing on all our strategies, as a subadvisor, to RIA firms for use in their practices. In addition, we are available to clients of Orion Advisor Services LLC through the Communities platform.

Sub-Advisory and Broker/Dealer Platform

As an advisor, you may have decided to consolidate your business with one platform provider. While this is the least flexible option, there are certainly benefits to efficiency by having the entire process under one roof. Under this scenario, Potomac will have the least interaction and relationship with the end advisor, in some cases not even knowing who you are — you are simply using the available model portfolios. For these advisors, some of our strategies are offered via Envestnet.

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