Social Assurance (S3 E19)

Social Assurance
(S3 E19)

We’ve debated whether social media is a good use of time, but however you’re engaged you must be compliant. You also want to be timely, collaborative, and hopefully effective. Our guest today, Ben Pankonin of Social Assurance, has built a technology for the financial...
Lessons from a Home Builder (S3 E17)

Lessons from a Home Builder
(S3 E17)

One opportunity we don’t hear talked about enough, is learning from people outside the industry. What can advisors pick up from other small business owners? What success can they replicate with their own clients and prospects? Our guest this week, Brett Clarke, an...
Mobile Assistant (Human) Technology (S3 E15)

Mobile Assistant (Human) Technology
(S3 E15)

From time-to-time we like to highlight resources that we believe may truly be of value to financial advisors. We’ve all used transcription services before, and most of them are garbage. Our guest today, Corey Westphal of Mobile Assistant, claims to not only have a...
Is PR Valuable for Advisors? (S3 E12)

Is PR Valuable for Advisors?
(S3 E12)

The right PR opportunities can open new doors for exposure, while highlighting an individual or firm’s expertise. But is it worthwhile for financial advisors? Our guest Jason Lahita, founding partner of StreetCred Communications, offers his candid and surprising...
Is Social Media a Waste of Time? (S3 E7)

Is Social Media a Waste of Time?
(S3 E7)

There is a vast community of Financial Advisors on social media. While it can be a fun way to stay connected, is there any real value in it? Our Director of Marketing, Christopher Norton, sits down for a series of one-on-one conversations to explore this topic from...