Build in Public (E3)  Streamyard

Build in Public (E3)

Ever wanted to learn how to produce a live show? We did, and we thought, “how hard can it be?” So, we decided to learn by doing, live – for all the world to see. Join us as we discover: What works What doesn’t What surprised us We hope you enjoy and follow us on...
Build in Public (E2)  Potomac NFTs

Build in Public (E2)
Potomac NFTs

On April 1st, 2021 (the day before this was published) we launched a one-day, over-the-top, and completely fake campaign for Potomac NFTs. In this episode of Build in Public, our marketing team breaks down their April Fools’ meme: HOW we built it WHY we built it...
Advisor Success Stories  (S4 E2)

Advisor Success Stories
(S4 E2)

In our industry, it can often feel like the same people are talking about the same things over and over again. So, while our guest today is one of our industry’s most beloved voices, we’re not going to talk about our own perspectives at all. We sit down with Samantha...