Random Pod Volume 02 (S2 E22)

Random Pod Volume 02
(S2 E22)

In the second volume of our quick hitters’ format, the Conquer Risk podcast tackles numerous headlines that could impact advisors including:   The S&P 500 crossing it’s 200 day moving average, does it matter? Tech companies are embracing WFH, who’s...
Working with Your Partner (S2 E17)

Working with Your Partner
(S2 E17)

Many advisory practices and small businesses consider the pros and cons of their spouse as a staff member. But just as many, are afraid to take the leap. Today we sit down with Lake Avenue Financial VP of Operations Rosa Chalekian, to discuss the success, challenges,...
Finding Your Voice (S2 E9)

Finding Your Voice
(S2 E9)

In our recommendations to Advisors on how to best market themselves, we’ve talked a lot about voice. This week, we have special guest Johnny Sandquist of Three Crowns Marketing & Copywriting to discuss not only the importance of finding your voice, but how to...
When You Can’t Hire a CMO (S2 E5)

When You Can’t Hire a CMO
(S2 E5)

When it comes to marketing, most Advisors could benefit from the perspective of a Chief Marketing Officer. But how often is that in the budget? In this episode we discuss the top five ways to replicate the CMO experience without necessitating a big spend: Creating...