Protection from risk,
When you need it most.

Guardrails by Potomac.

Just as guardrails are designed to protect drivers from unforeseen risk, our software creates a framework to keep investments on the road–uniquely Built to Conquer Risk™.

Introducing Guardrails, risk software built by risk managers.

Guardrails by Potomac

Let’s face it, most risk analysis tools are essentially marketing resources. A subjective “score” derived from inexact science, which must be subjectively tied to a real portfolio.

Not a recipe for precision.

If you need a white paper to explain the risk score, you have already lost.

Actual math.

You can’t hide from math, and it is not subjective. Our risk scoring process utilizes maximum drawdown, a simple and real number that can be tied to a portfolio.

This process defines the Guardrails (or bands of risk) the client is willing to tolerate. The risk score is then matched to a proposed Investment Strategist, or combination of Strategists models, that fits within those Guardrails.


Potomac has been managing risk for over three decades, and part of that work has been serving as an OCIO – optimizing strategist model combinations for financial advisors.

This expertise is utilized in the Guardrails Model Optimizer. This tool will propose specific percentage holdings for combinations of Strategist models, all based on the risk and return criteria a client needs to meet their goals.

Connecting the dots.

Current risk software focuses on one contact at a time, one account at a time, and individual proposals for a specific account.

A Strategist model allocation for one account may not be the best for every account in the household. How can an advisor handle model allocation from the household level? One that includes multiple contacts, multiple accounts, and dozens of moving parts?

Guardrails allows for household level risk analysis. Multiple people. Multiple accounts. All the moving parts.

For users of Potomac’s Union TAMP, Guardrails will also include account opening, servicing, and Strategist model swap functionality – all complimented by our aforementioned OCIO services.

The Union TAMP offers everything you expect from a large TAMP—like cutting-edge technology, a multi-custodian platform, hundreds of model strategies—and risk software built by risk managers. Ready to learn more? Let’s talk.


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