Last summer we undertook the process of updating our brand and rebuilding our website. Beyond the simple aesthetics, the primary objective was to focus our messaging.

Potomac’s mission is to help advisors succeed.

We wanted to make that so clear, that you would never walk away from a Potomac piece without knowing you had a partner in your corner. 

Here is one of our email headers we use when communicating with our financial advisors.

The words and images are concise, yet clearly invoke “partnership.” While this is an appropriate headline for our business today, I hate to admit that it hasn’t always applied.

Potomac’s history was that of an investment strategist offering tactical model portfolios to financial advisors. When it comes to risk management, we do a great job (biased!) but freely admitted most clients should have more than just tactical management. Yet, we didn’t offer anything else.

Sure, there was a technology component that came with the money management (billing and reporting) BUT, it was strictly for our strategies.

Therefore, when advisors were working with other investment management firms this would multiply their logins and processes for new business/ongoing service.

You know what doesn’t “help advisors win”? That.

Adding to the problem of too much disparate technology solutions benefits no one. Case in point for one of our top advisors:

  • Used 7 different strategist firms which necessitated 7 different portfolio management software logins.
  • Purchased their own portfolio management software to get consolidated reporting.
  • Used a financial planning software that poorly integrated with each firm.
  • Didn’t have a seamless way for clients to login to view their investments, financial plans, or exchange documents.

How can a tech savvy firm have one of our top advisors’ piece together a hodgepodge of technology solutions?


So, we gathered the team and decided, “either we are going to solve this problem, or we need to find another business model”.

Union was born that morning…

The concept behind Union is quite simple: take the existing TAMP solutions and make it better. (but not in the way you would imagine.)

These days the “make it better” approach from TAMP’s usually involves more technology. I swear there is a FinTech stonecutters group that meets quarterly to determine out how many “bells and whistles” they can sell without making anything at all useful.

The last thing financial advisors need is more tech!

How many times have you heard a start-up say, “oh, it’s the uber of _____” or “it’s the Netflix of______.”

The problem with TAMP industry technology is its mostly “the comcast of” it’s field. Supposedly “scalable” tech with horrible customer service.

Service Isn’t Scalable!

No one wants to wait on hold all day. No one wants to fight for answers.

So, we thought, what if we could turn that on its head? What if we could approach the TAMP business while embracing a “less is more” approach?

  • Less advisors and more hand holding.
  • Less service tickets and more speaking to humans.
  • Less integrations and more “all in one” simple solutions.
  • Less model strategists and more bespoke strategist combinations.

My favorite movie of all time is Jerry Maguire and the TAMP business needs a manifesto!

This is Union, and we’re pretty proud of what we built.

If you would like to partner with a team that looks and listens for input, and loves small business owners, we're for you.

Disclosure: This information is prepared for general information only and should not be considered as individual investment advice nor as a solicitation to buy or offer to sell any securities. This material does not constitute any representation as to the suitability or appropriateness of any investment advisory program or security. Please visit our FULL DISCLOSURE page.