Spotlight: Main Management (S3 E22)

Spotlight: Main Management
(S3 E22)

From time-to-time we come across an investment strategist engaged in truly interesting work, and we want to share what we’ve found. In what will be the first in a series of strategists, we sit down with Kim Arthur of Main Management to discuss their work: Firm...
How to Select Indicators (S3 E14)

How to Select Indicators
(S3 E14)

While a plethora of systems exist for selecting indicators, we frequently field questions from advisors about our process. In this episode, we discuss how Potomac chooses and uses various indicators, as well as how we combine them: What precisely is an indicator? How...
Top Content of Q3 2020 (S3 E13)

Top Content of Q3 2020
(S3 E13)

As we enter the fourth quarter of this incredible year, we look at the top content advisors have gravitated to in the third quarter of the year: What was expected What surprised us What this means for Advisors We hope you enjoy and follow us on this journey! Listen on...
Who Uses an OCIO? (S3 E11)

Who Uses an OCIO?
(S3 E11)

An OCIO, or Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, is becoming more and more commonplace with Advisors. But what exactly does that entail, who is actually using them, and what does that relationship look like? We break down: What does an OCIO actually do? How precisely...
TAMP vs. Model Marketplace (S3 E10)

TAMP vs. Model Marketplace
(S3 E10)

There is often confusion with advisors, and in the wider industry, about the value of a TAMP vs a Model Marketplace. This is especially relevant with the push by regulators, broker/dealers, etc. to move toward advisory, but away from the advisor-driven portfolio...