Account Opening

account opening

Technology solutions should enhance the advisor/client relationship, not replace it. We still believe that relationships matter, and any digital experience should always put the advisor first.
While large investment firms are scrambling to deliver robo-solutions that typically remove the human advisor from the equation, we set out to deliver an account opening tool that allows the advisor to remain in the driver's seat and personally involved in all aspects of client account management.
Our account opening process automates the entire process, from evaluating the client’s risk tolerance to opening the client account, while keeping the advisor at the forefront of the client interaction.
The account opening workflow kicks off with determining your client’s risk tolerance and identifying the corresponding investment strategies. This can be accomplished using the proposal system we provide or one of your choosing. Once you have determined the most suitable investment recommendation for your client, it's time to kick off the account opening process using our New Account Wizard.

The New Account Wizard

Data Collection

Using our New Account Wizard, you can enter your client’s identifying information and make the investment selection. From here, you will be able to launch the forms library, which will pre-populate with all the client’s data.

Forms Library

Each of our advisors are set-up to access our forms library by utilizing our integration with Quik Forms. The functionality will allow us to create custom paperwork bundles, which can include any of your own RIA forms. The newest forms are automatically updated so the right paperwork is always at your fingertips.


Our process will allow you to set-up up a document routing tree. This will give each advisor the ability to route completed documents to your home office or compliance department.

Electronic Signature

The client will be able to receive the account paperwork bundle ready to complete, sign and open the account.