MIAMI, FL (July 25, 2023) – Potomac Fund Management, Inc. (“Potomac”), an investment strategist, is pleased to announce that both its model strategies and mutual funds are now available on the FMAX platform. This news comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Potomac has recently surpassed $1billlion in AUM.

Potomac develops investment strategies designed to “win by losing less,” providing a tactical solution to help protect against market risk. The goal is to deliver competitive returns with less downside risk. Potomac’s risk management models seek to help advisors build and preserve wealth — by matching the right strategy or combination of strategies to each investor’s needs.

“Momentum begets momentum, and the TAMP platforms are starting to realize the importance of adding tactical strategies that are less correlated to the overall market.,” said Jeff Goodnow, Chief Growth Officer. “And for the advisor-as-manager, we are pleased that our underlying mutual funds are now available at FMAX as well.”

Potomac was founded in 1987, and has been a pioneer in active risk-managed investing with the experience and expertise to help advisors align the correct allocation for any given market condition. Potomac’s work is driven by the understanding that every investor is unique, but each want to avoid catastrophic losses.

“With decades of money management experience, we have tenured expertise in the ability to understand the movements of price, in the marketplace, while ignoring the headlines and noise of the day.” said Manish Khatta, Chief Executive Officer.

Potomac’s strategies and mutual funds provide users of the FMAX platform a diverse offering to help conquer risk for their clients.

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About Potomac Fund Management

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Potomac Fund Management (“Potomac”) is an investment strategist firm for financial advisors. Potomac supports advisors with the resources best suited for their individual businesses. Each avenue is built on Potomac’s core belief that financial success is about more than hitting a number twenty years into the future; it is about feeling confident as you get there.

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