Spotlight Brookmont  (S4 E14)

Spotlight Brookmont
(S4 E14)

At Potomac, we are passionate about educating advisors. This includes increasing awareness of strategists like Brookmont, available on platforms like Envestnet, Orion Communities, and now the Union UMA. We sit down with CIO Ethan Powell to discuss their work: Firm...
Business Intelligence  (S4 E12)

Business Intelligence
(S4 E12)

In three decades serving advisors, we’ve seen the full spectrum of their size, design, and success. One thing that has become clear, the most “successful” advisors take an active role in understanding and evaluating their businesses. What does that mean? It’s called...
Spotlight: Main Management (S3 E22)

Spotlight: Main Management
(S3 E22)

From time-to-time we come across an investment strategist engaged in truly interesting work, and we want to share what we’ve found. In what will be the first in a series of strategists, we sit down with Kim Arthur of Main Management to discuss their work: Firm...