The Powerful Breadth Surge

The Powerful Breadth

In a recent blog we discussed the perfect record of a breadth thrust in relation to subsequent market gains. Our definition of a breadth thrust is: …when you have an extreme number of stocks advancing, rather than declining over a short period of time. While we have...
Who Uses an OCIO? (S3 E11)

Who Uses an OCIO?
(S3 E11)

An OCIO, or Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, is becoming more and more commonplace with Advisors. But what exactly does that entail, who is actually using them, and what does that relationship look like? We break down: What does an OCIO actually do? How precisely...
The Perfect Record of a Breadth Thrust

The Perfect Record of a
Breadth Thrust

There are literally hundreds of data points that are injected into our technical trading systems. Each piece of data has its own story. The same data point can be used in a complex trading system as well as a very simple measure of the current market environment. For...