Warren Buffet thinks you should invest

in cheap, passive index funds. With all due respect: Warren could lose
50% of his money and still be unbelievably wealthy. Can you?

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Slow and steady may not be sexy, but it always wins the race.

Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest hot stock, but the investors who survive and prosper are those who can manage their investment risk.


You should never invest in a product without first asking yourself “How much am I willing to lose?”

We Believe in Risk Management

We take proactive steps to manage health-related risk by working out, buying insurance, or setting aside emergency savings. Why? Because you never know when a catastrophe may strike.


We believe you also need to emphasize risk to manage your investment health. It’s exciting to pick stocks and chase returns, but aggressive investors usually end up doubled over on the side of the road before they reach the end of the investing marathon. While the returns may look great at times, aggressive investing is never worth the risk it takes to achieve them.


Our investment philosophy focuses on generating risk-adjusted market returns. During a strong bull market, it’s not very difficult to make money. But how much of that money do you hang on to during the following market downturn? A focus on risk-adjusted returns smooths out the wild market rollercoaster and ultimately, you win by not losing.

Our Rules-Based Approach to Investing

Have you ever typed an emotional email response and regretted it the second you hit send? Emotional decisions are rarely positive, yet investors make these decisions daily. The wealth of (mis)information available at your fingertips doesn’t always equal a positive outcome.


We take the emotion out of investing with a rules-based approach. By following a defined process, we can systematically generate returns without the catastrophic bear market losses that passive investors must incur regularly.

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