The bitterness of poor quality

remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about the fees of their product or service and never received a real answer? Fancy sales lingo and layers of disclosures are often used to distract from what you are purchasing. At Potomac, we don’t pretend to be the lowest-cost provider, but when it comes to pricing, we strongly believe in making the following commitments:

  • Full fee transparency.
  • We only get paid by our clients! There are no backdoor deals with product providers or proprietary mutual funds.
  • Our performance is always reported net of the highest money management fee we charge.
  • Our entire fee schedule and related language is fully disclosed on our Form ADV Part 2A, so please make sure you read this before investing.

When it comes to selecting investments, we select mutual funds in the best interest of our clients, based on their selected strategy.  Sometimes that can mean an expensive, unique, and eclectic mutual fund, while other times it could simply be a low-fee index fund.  Different markets will require different tools. A Yugo is inexpensive, but isn't going to do you any good driving up a snowy mountain.    

Are our fees high? That answer depends on your situation.  If you are an aggressive investor with a long-term horizon, then yes, our fees are likely high because you are better off holding a low-fee index fund, assuming you can handle the risk. If you are a conservative to moderate investor looking for downside risk management, then you may want to pay a little bit more for unconstrained tactical management.

Our style requires constant monitoring of market conditions and testing of our systems. This isn't a “set it and forget it” type of investment philosophy, and therefore it justifies a premium price.


In most cases, through solicitor agreements, a portion of this fee is shared with a financial advisor. This is fully disclosed with a Solicitor Disclosure document.


What Have you Done for Me Lately?

We are not a good fit for investors with a short term time horizon. In order to reap the benefits of tactical management, you must complete a full market cycle which includes both a bull and bear market.

It's Too Expensive!

We are not a good fit for investors overly concerned about fees. This is a premium product and therefore has a premium price. Cost is only an issue absent of value. If cost is your only criteria when choosing investments, then this relationship won’t work. We are proud of our NET of all fees track record.


We are not a good fit for aggressive investors. Risk and return go hand in hand, and we are risk managers who believe in winning by not losing. We don’t believe in aggressive investing. The returns may look great at times, but it's never worth the risk it takes to achieve.


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