I’m Manish Khatta, the CEO of Potomac Fund Management.

One of my favorite quotes is “When you stop growing you start dying.” The term growth isn’t only about AUM, but also about initiatives across your company. It’s about getting better each day.

I’m proud of our team for remaining consistent and aplomb. Whether it’s market turmoil or challenges with technology, many times it’s the steady hand that wins the battle.

I want to take this moment to express my gratitude to all our financial advisors. We appreciate all of you for trusting us with your business; it’s been another phenomenal year, and here is a recap of all we’ve accomplished and some insight into our focus going forward.

  • Strategies by Potomac: We take pride in consistency, doing what we say, and not buckling under pressure. To save myself from a lengthy disclosure I will let the results speak for themselves.
  • Union TAMP Interface: We have been busy introducing new tools such as the Account Opening and Service Center. We will continue to make heavy investments into building out the user interface including rolling out traditional CRM functionality, integrating proposals and introducing new custodian options.
  • New Custodian Options: We have spent the last 9 months interviewing every custodian in our space. As the big get bigger the risk of declining customer service is a real concern. The unknown around mergers is keeping us up at night. Our goal is to introduce a cost effective, tech forward, and API driven custodian solution. We have something up our sleeve and are currently working out the final details. 
  • Proposals by Potomac: We officially kicked off the development of our brand-new proposal and investment analytics tool. After years of trying to customize existing software, we made the decision to blow it all up and start from scratch. With the help of a fractional CTO and Fintech industry veterans, we are putting our best behind creating a tool that will make us all proud. The initial version will be focused on the basics of proposal generation while future versions will be heavy on model optimizers powered by machine learning and AI. 
  • Regional Business Consultants: We have been busy adding new Business Consultants, across the country, to help support our financial advisors. These experienced professionals are ready to help you with education, support, client events, and all things Potomac!
  • OCIO by Potomac: We recently launched an enterprise offering of our OCIO services. We will continue to make the necessary investments to build out this product line. All our advisors will benefit from these investments as we begin to tie together the trifecta of model diligence, analytics, and optimization.

The future is bright as we blaze a path forward to become the best small TAMP and Investment Strategist in the business. We have plans to aggressively invest in rolling out tools and services to meet the needs of our advisors.

Here is my promise to you…

Remaining stagnant is not an option!

  • I will continue to make investments across the firm, from staffing to technology.
  • We have zero plans for M&A or taking on outside capital, which means company decisions will not be influenced by a third party.
  • Customer service will always come first.

If you have any questions, you know how to reach me or anyone on our team.

Cheers to a wonderful and prosperous 2023!


Manish Khatta

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