I’m Manish Khatta, the CEO of Potomac Fund Management.

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of our advisors. We appreciate all of you for trusting us with your business; it’s been a phenomenal year, and here is a recap of all we’ve accomplished.

Our organization strives to improve our products and services continuously because we firmly believe that companies should never rest on one’s laurels and bask in their former glory.

I’m proud of our team for delivering on product initiatives across the company. More importantly, our team did it with transparency and honesty.

We push the envelope, and our goal is only to keep getting better…

      • Insight by Potomac: A new virtual community for financial advisors that brings all communication to one central hub. You’ll find everything like strategist due diligence, new content, and operational updates in one place!
      • Research by Potomac: We are putting the final touches on our new research product for financial advisors with a tentative release date of Feb 1, 2022. This service will be a premium paid product covering Daily Notes, Sector Deep-dives, Breadth Analysis, Cross-asset Trends, Intermarket analysis, Monthly Chart Books, Myth Busters, Product Deep-dives, and so much more.  All this R&D directly benefits our advisors and our investment process.
      • Investor Portal: In conjunction with our tech partners, we made drastic improvements to our investor portal, which is readily available. Financial advisors using our Union UMA now have access to a centralized portal for their investors. The portal includes strategist level performance attribution, account aggregation, financial planning, document storage, custodian level documents, mobile app, and much more.
      • Content Creation: We have taken our content creation to an entirely new level. With the introduction of a refined blog, daily research, and our various YouTube shows, we’re providing helpful and entertaining information for everyone. We believe it’s important to be educated about our products and services and get to know the people behind the process.
      • Commitment to Our Staff: To serve our advisors and provide consistent service, your point of contact should NOT be a revolving door. Our staff comes first because our mantra remains that the best way to take care of a client is to make sure the person serving them is happy. Like everything we do, we take this stand publicly for all to see.

The future is bright as we blaze a path forward to become the best small TAMP in the business. We have plans to aggressively invest in rolling out tools and services to meet the needs of our advisors.

Here is my promise to you…

There will be no M&A, no outside capital, no revolving door of employees, and no straying from our core competency. Our customer service comes first and foremost, coupled with simple and easy-to-use technology. That’s the recipe.

If you have any questions, you know how to reach me or anyone on our team.

Cheers to a wonderful and prosperous 2022!


Manish Khatta

Disclosure: This information is prepared for general information only and should not be considered as individual investment advice nor as a solicitation to buy or offer to sell any securities. This material does not constitute any representation as to the suitability or appropriateness of any investment advisory program or security. Please visit our FULL DISCLOSURE page.