Thankful & Blessed

& Blessed

As we move through the holiday season at a pace that could pass for an F1 race, I want to step away from the charts and the markets to highlight the blessings in my life for which I am truly thankful. My wife, Dara: She is literally the glue that keeps everything...
Tactically  Seasonal


Last month, we discussed the third year of the Presidential Cycle, and 2023 was playing out as a perfectly normal year from a seasonal perspective. As we move into November,  that remains the case. The market has continued to be choppy, frustrating both the bulls and...
Things  Change


At various times, and in various media, over the course of the third quarter we have made reference to some version of the phrase “it’s all about bonds.” As we enter the fourth quarter, that still remains the case. But what does that mean? I am not...