Guardrails 8-Bit Version

8-Bit Version

Our April Fools gag for 2024 was one for the books. And while we don’t (yet) support vintage gaming systems, we are hard at work creating tools to better server your clients. Get updates on our TAMP Union, here. Potomac Fund Management ("Company") is an...
Hello, Darling


On November 9th of last year, I published a blog titled “Kill Your Darlings” in reference to a talk I gave at Potomac’s Remix Conference–which signaled the end to many of the fan-favorite components of our marketing. In a matter of weeks, we announced the return of...
Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at Potomac’s Remix Conference in Omaha, in front of roughly fifty advisors and about a dozen partners. I wouldn’t accuse it of being a planned talk, one of our guest speakers (through no fault of her own) wasn’t able to make...