RIA Testimonials  (S4 E10)

RIA Testimonials
(S4 E10)

Last Friday the SEC approved the new RIA Testimonial rule, which will go into effect May 4th of this year. What does this mean for Advisors? Is there a genuine opportunity here, or is it all flash? We discuss: Types of Testimonials How it could be used in your...
Book Club (E1)  Excellence Wins

Book Club (E1)
Excellence Wins

Ever wish you read more? We did, so we started a book club. This series from the Conquer Risk Podcast will feature the full Potomac team, as we explore stories (we hope) will make us better at what we do. In our inaugural episode, we share our takeaways from...
Donor Advised Funds  (S4 E9)

Donor Advised Funds
(S4 E9)

In our “February Hot Takes” podcast episode, we briefly discussed the incredible uptick in the use of Donor Advised Funds. We thought the topic deserved deeper exploration, so this week our Director of Advisor Experience, Jennifer Burton, joins host, Jeff...
February Hot Takes  (S4 E8)

February Hot Takes
(S4 E8)

There is a new opportunity for financial advisors: Donor Advised Funds. What are they? How do they work? Who can use them? We discuss this in February’s Hot Takes, along with: Buying Clients Why we were wrong about Cetera We hope you enjoy and follow us on this...
How Your Custodian Makes Money  (S4 E7)

How Your Custodian Makes Money
(S4 E7)

Reddit, Robinhood and the rise of meme stocks have brought investments into the news in new ways. With that, have come renewed questions on how custodians make money. While some utilize ticket charges or custody fees, others claim to be free. Since nothing is ever...