WTF is an NFT?  (S4 E15)

WTF is an NFT?
(S4 E15)

After the hilarity of our April Fool’s “NFT Launch,” and our episode about the campaign on Build In Public, one question has remained for many advisors: WTF is an NFT anyway? Marketing Associate, Martina Beda, joins Jeff Goodnow to solve this riddle in 10 questions:...
Spotlight Brookmont  (S4 E14)

Spotlight Brookmont
(S4 E14)

At Potomac, we are passionate about educating advisors. This includes increasing awareness of strategists like Brookmont, available on platforms like Envestnet, Orion Communities, and now the Union UMA. We sit down with CIO Ethan Powell to discuss their work: Firm...
February Hot Takes  (S4 E8)

February Hot Takes
(S4 E8)

There is a new opportunity for financial advisors: Donor Advised Funds. What are they? How do they work? Who can use them? We discuss this in February’s Hot Takes, along with: Buying Clients Why we were wrong about Cetera We hope you enjoy and follow us on this...