The Black Swan (S2 E10)

The Black Swan
(S2 E10)

In the midst of all the noise about the markets and the virus, one term is getting thrown around a lot: black swan events. So, what’s that? Is it COVID-19? Ebola? A terrorist attack?  On this week’s Conquer Risk podcast, we set aside the hype to provide some clarity:...
The Myth of Retiring Advisors (S2 E8)

The Myth of Retiring Advisors
(S2 E8)

There was a great deal of chatter this week from a recent article declaring that the number of financial advisors will begin declining next year. In this episode of the Conquer Risk podcast, we break down the key points of this argument:  The Data from Cerulli...
When in Doubt, Zoom Out (S2 E7)

When in Doubt, Zoom Out
(S2 E7)

Our first blog post of the year has hit a nerve or two. Some agree, some disagree, but it seemed worthy of additional conversation on the Conquer Risk podcast: Why are people so passionate about Calendar Year Returns? What we mean by “Zoom Out.”...